Nappi & Moe

Nappi & Moe + Bartok

Founded by long time friends Danni Nappi and Jon Moe, NAPPI + MOE was created as a reaction to mass production and a way to move away from volume and excess. Quality, fit and responsibility in the creation and production of its pieces is at the heart of Nappi + Moe. They proudly design and produce all the pieces in the USA. For 12 years they have focused on getting it right, testing and concentrating on the details that make a garment a favorite to wear.

"My inspiration comes from anything and everything it may be something I see that is non-clothing related or something somebody is wearing will spark an idea. I tend to stay away form the fashion magazines I don't focus to much on what is "in" at the time I would rather be ahead of the fashion curve than up on the current trend. So once I have an idea I sometimes draw it out or just make it, but inevitably what I draw or start making always changes a little as I work through the process.” - Danni Nappi