Andrea Mocassino

Andrea Mocassino + Bartok

ANDREA mocassino is a the creation of the world renowned Italian brand ANDREA CARRANO. The ANDREA mocassino is styled to give the wearer an effortless chic look, enhancing without defining you. It speaks to the value of the Italian tradition of design and craftsmanship. From the initial sketch, to the selection of the leather, and the construction of the shoe our clients know that she is not just wearing a shoe, but the end product of a legacy Italian brand.

Bartok was approached by Betta Carrano, Andrea Carrano’s founder, to help in the relaunch of her iconic brand. After many months of discussions, Bartok and Andrea Carrano discovered a synergy between both brands and a decision was made to join our skills and knowledge to develop and grow the Andrea Carrano brand. Andrea Mocassino is the result of our first collaboration and the plan is to launch it FALL ’17 as a true iconic Italian lifestyle business.